Newsletter for Institutional Investors

Newsletter for Institutional Investors

Aside from very positive equity years, it is very difficult today to achieve the necessary return for the mandatory minimum rate of return on investment capital with bond yields. As an institutional investor, before becoming highly dependent on the volatile equity market, one must therefore study alternatives and potentially break new ground.

For some time, the interest rates for CHF bonds have been in negative territory with terms of up to ten years. The interest rate risk has gone up due to increasingly longer terms. This unbalanced risk/reward ratio presents a truly uncomfortable environment for CHF fixed-income investors. An innovative option for facing these challenges can be found in investment strategies that involve the CHF repo market.

Read our latest issue of the Zoom newsletter, in which you will learn more about the CS L/S (Long/Short) Swiss Franc Bond Fund, among other things. By accessing innovative and barely correlated income sources, new return opportunities can be tapped.

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