Newsletter for Institutional Investors

Why are well over half of the equities held by institutional investors foreign securities, while a global approach is only taken to a very limited extent when it comes to real estate? In the current interest rate environment, alternatives with a good risk/return ratio would be very sought after.

The fact that this market segment is more difficult to access is one reason for cautious investment in foreign real estate. Constructing a balanced global real estate portfolio is much more demanding than is the case for equities. This is one of the reasons why Credit Suisse is planning the launch of the CSA 2 Multi-Manager Real Estate Global investment group. Its set-up will be optimized to provide pension funds with easy access to a global and diversified real estate portfolio.

In our new edition of Zoom, you can read about the arguments in favor of an investment in global real estate and the advantages offered to institutional investors by our planned investment instrument:

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