Compact Investment Solutions Tax-Exempt Pension Funds

Tax-Exempt Pension Funds

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Mixed Funds

The BVG mixed fund investment vehicles of the Credit Suisse Investment Foundation invest in a broadly diversified securities portfolio within the applicable requirements of the Federal Act on Occupational Retirement, Survivors' and Disability Pension Plans (BVG/BVV2). 

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The investment philosophy of active asset management exploits inefficiencies in the capital markets, with the aim of achieving better performance.

Investment objectives and compliance with BVG/BVV2 investment regulations

The investment objective of this investment group is to generate an appropriate return in Swiss francs by taking advantage of the possibilities for international diversification while complying with BVG/BVV2 investment regulations.

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You can choose from the following different CSA mixed funds:  

Solution ISIN number
CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 25 (CHF)* CH0008879022
CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 25 Plus (CHF)* CH0112172850  
CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 35 (CHF)* CH0008879048
CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 45 (CHF)* CH0008879097 
CSA Mixta-BVG I (CHF) CH0015036608  
CSA Mixta-BVG Basic I (CHF) CH0015036608 

*For CSA 2 (Credit Suisse Investment Foundation 2nd Pillar), only the following funds are permitted:

  • registered employee benefits insurance funds pursuant to art. 48 BVG
  • extra-mandatory pension funds with benefits defined in the regulations 
  • collective foundations and joint foundations
  • vested benefits foundations

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With rule-based asset management, investment decisions are taken systematically, following clear rules and free of emotions − in compliance with the BVG/BVV2 investment regulations.  

Indexed with risk-control
Indexed with bandwidths
Rule-based asset management in compliance with BVG/BVV2 investment regulations, with systematic control of the key risks in a mixed portfolio based on risk quantification using Finreon indicators.
The CSA Mixta-BVG investment group makes indirect investments globally in fixed and variable-rate securities (some of which are inflation-protected) via indexed investment funds, in equities, and Swiss real estate.
Investment objectives
Reduction of significant asset erosion and efficient utilization of the risk budget by means of a risk-controlled investment strategy.
The aim is to achieve the benchmark return.

Our solutions

Solution ISIN number
CSA BVG 25-45 Dynamic
CSA Mixta-BVG Index 25
on request
CSA Mixta-BVG Index 35
on request
CSA Mixta-BVG Index 45

Mandate (from CHF 5 million)

A mandate is used to transfer the management of your assets to Credit Suisse. By doing so you delegate the professional implementation of your investment strategy to Credit Suisse and have the security and transparency you want. Credit Suisse scope of action is clearly defined at all times. All activities are based solely on your individual investment strategy and any associated restrictions. You can thus rest assured that any investment made is in your best interest.