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Emphasis on a balanced and internationally broadly diversified portfolio across all traditional asset categories, which is at the same time in line with all regulations of the BVG and its ordinances (BVV2 and BVV3).  

Your needs

The investment philosophy of active asset management takes account of market trends in order to achieve the best possible dynamic weighting of the various asset categories.

Investment objectives

The investment group's objective is to generate an appropriate return in Swiss francs by taking advantage of the possibilities for international diversification. 

Mandate (from CHF 5 million)

A mandate is used to transfer the management of your assets to Credit Suisse. By doing so you delegate the professional implementation of your investment strategy to Credit Suisse and have the security and transparency you want. Credit Suisse scope of action is clearly defined at all times. All activities are based solely on your individual investment strategy and any associated restrictions.You can thus rest assured that any investment made is in your best interest.