Institutional Investors Compact Investment Solutions for Institutional Investors 

Compact Investment Solutions for Institutional Investors 

With our offer for SMEs, you will find the right solution for your employees' pensions and for your company's investment themes. 

The right solution for all institutional investors

Your investment strategy decisions cannot be delegated to Credit Suisse. We will be happy to support you with implementing your investment strategy.

Select between "Tax-Exempt Pension Funds" and "Other Institutional Investors." 

Your Benefits

  1. Efficient implementation of your investment strategy
  2. Transparent cost structure 
  3. Comprehensive and innovative product range

Your Risks

With investment funds, you can rely on our expertise

To ensure that you always know what to expect from Credit Suisse, we communicate openly about investment risks.

  1. Asset management offers no capital guarantee and is no guarantee of positive performance 
  2. Your return will depend on the investment products selected and the market assessment 
  3. You will find information on the risks related to the individual investment instruments in the respective product documents  

Personalized Advice 

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