Investment Analytics Know more than just your latest returns.

Know more than just your latest returns.

Compare performance, manage risks, monitor strategies, and exercise governance. Everything is possible at once with investment analytics for institutional investors.

From simple reporting to investment analytics

Today, institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, and trustees have to know more than just their latest returns. They should understand how all actors in the investment process contribute to their returns and the risks involved. Only by considering all these aspects can they make well-informed investment decisions.

In order to do justice to their great responsibility, pension funds require in-depth knowledge of their investments. However, as assets and management strategies become increasingly complex, it is difficult for them to always stay on top of their investments.

Credit Suisse's new service, investment analytics, offers much more than comprehensive reports. In a continuous dialogue, relationships are analyzed in order to constantly improve the quality of future investment decisions.

Take advantage of digitalization for efficient performance management

Investment analytics is a modern tool and uses digital developments to your advantage, which allows you to cover your client needs in the best possible way. In order to make the right decisions at the right time, investors must always be up to date.

Market changes and their impact on your investments can be called up in the new Portfolio Radar online tool – with current data available daily. Information on the performance of the portfolio or details of individual securities can be pulled up anytime, anywhere.

Keep track of everything thanks to comprehensive investment reporting

Investment analytics offers sound and needs-oriented reporting to provide a comprehensive overview of your investments, and you can choose to receive reports between one and twelve times a year. The customized investment analytics reporting optimally maps the investment process and the generated documents provide a reliable basis for meetings and for informing third parties.

The investment analytics service also includes professional advice. A dedicated contact person advises and supports you throughout the investment process with best-in-class expertise. Our experts have many years of experience in investment analytics and by precisely identifying your needs are able to best go about meeting them.

Reliable partner in performance management

Investment analytics can be individually customized. It simplifies business processes for institutional investors and gives you more transparency and control over your investments. This comprehensive service makes Credit Suisse a trusted partner in performance management.