Investment Analytics Investment analytics: An expert at your side

Investment analytics: An expert at your side

Investment analytics offer institutional investors a comprehensive service. With a personal investment analytics consultant at your side, you can take advantage of comprehensive investment reporting and data from the Portfolio Radar online tool to achieve your investment objectives.

Attribution analysis as a method for calculating investment portfolio management performance has become the professional standard. It is a must-have for institutional investors. However, only some of the recipients of the report fully understand the significance of market allocation, stock selection, and interaction effects. Few are able to interpret the figures in the analysis in order to draw conclusions about the impact of their investment decisions.

Investment analytics consultants provide support with expertise

Investment analytics, a comprehensive service from Credit Suisse, offer institutional investors expert and personalized advice. Experts can bridge knowledge gaps and answer complex questions. For example, they can highlight the key results of the analysis and explain which investment decisions led to these results. Will an underweight bond pay off? How will the selection of specific private equity investments impact the return? And why does an overweighting made by a good manager have a positive interaction effect?

The experts can answer ad-hoc questions. They can also create added value for the investment process by regularly presenting the investment results to recipients and stakeholders. These presentations often result in intense discussions. This is deliberate and is intended to have a positive effect.

Reports in addition to the investment analytics consultant

In addition to professional and individual advice, investment analytics also provide customized reports, which provide an optimal overview of the investment process. The scope, content, and intervals of the reports are individually customizable.

As each attribution analysis is tailored to the investor's strategy, the challenges investors face when interpreting results can vary greatly from case to case. This makes individual advice from a personal contact all the more important. The expert knows the client's needs and can optimally respond to them.

Create more transparency yourself with Portfolio Radar

Control over your own investments – that is what the investment analytics online tool Portfolio Radar offers. Portfolio Radar allows investors to check the performance of their investments at any time and from anywhere. The tool provides meaningful reports within seconds, leading to greater transparency. Users determine themselves how much they want to take advantage of the tool.

Greater transparency and a proper understanding of the reports increase efficiency in the investment process. At the same time, investors gain knowledge and experience, which has a positive impact on future decisions. Thus, a comprehensive attribution analysis and a proper understanding of it have a positive effect on more than just the investor's current situation. Professional advice can also help investors successfully implement their investment objectives in the future as well.