Institutional Investors A Clear Advantage

A Clear Advantage

There are good reasons to choose Credit Suisse as your partner 

A cooperative partnership between institutional investors and their bank is central to the achievement of long-term objectives.

Whether it's a private pension fund, public corporation, charitable foundation, insurance company or health insurance plan – with its wealth of experience, Credit Suisse is the best possible banking partner for every type of institutional client.

Everything Under One Roof

Whether you require strategic advice, the implementation of your investment strategy, or custody of your securities – with our modular range of services, we offer you flexible and customized solutions.

Comprehensive Expert Knowledge

The long-standing experience of our specialists in advising institutional investors ensures that you always have access to wide-ranging knowledge and extensive expertise.

A Global Network with a Regional Base

Your regional advisors give you access to the worldwide network of Credit Suisse. In-depth, global knowledge and awareness of regional issues form the basis of a profitable partnership.

Your Success Is Our Goal

With advice based on mutual cooperation, individual services, and comprehensive expert knowledge, we offer you the optimum foundation for success.