Global Custody Solutions Investment Reporting

Investment Reporting

Professional analysis and management tool

Investment analytics assumes a central role for our clients within the scope of our Global Custody solutions. We have designed our investment analytics services with a modular structure to ensure we meet all of our clients' differing needs and requirements with regard to scope and complexity.

In addition to receiving detailed monthly or quarterly reports, you can access your most recent data anytime using our cutting-edge Portfolio Radar online tool. You can call up the key figures relating to your assets and portfolios, and view details on securities positions as well as see performance and risk calculations for various portfolios or consolidations. The Portfolio Radar is therefore the ideal management tool, allowing you to constantly monitor your holdings and the performance of your investments.

Portfolio Radar benefits:

  • Daily access to the latest data
  • Highly customizable
  • Fast response times
  • Large number of flexible analyses

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