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Outsourcing the Fund Administration 

You Are Seeking a Competent Partner – We Deliver First-Class Expertise

The fund industry is known for its dynamic character, as well as stiff competition and the pressure to stand out. Whoever wants long-term success as a fund provider in this field must focus on innovative and flexible business models. Specialization and focus are the key concepts; therefore it is important to consider which activities you should carry out yourself and which ones you should outsource.

Our modular MANAGEMENT & PROCESS outsourcing package comprises core administration services and facilitates innovative additional services. As an upper-tier fund services provider with proprietary administration platforms we have a structural cost advantage. Our size, together with our sophisticated systems and processes, give you the benefit of cost-effective services.

Optimal Organization and State-of-the-Art Quality Assurance Make All the Difference

Our experience shows that optimizing the value chain and seamlessly integrating external services in the client's business model are key factors for success. Choosing your partner purely on the basis of cost considerations usually proves short-sighted. It is important to consider the risk universe and qualitative aspects, such as the professional quality of the advice, the project management and the continuity within the partner's organization.

Credit Suisse Investor Services offers you these important prerequisites, thus laying the foundation for a successful collaboration model, which provides for individual features in the service package, as well as innovation and flexibility.