Strong Solutions Distribution & Performance

Distribution & Performance

Positioning, with Your Proprietary Investment Fund under Your Name 

You Have the Product Idea – We Develop the Fund Solution

The DISTRIBUTION & PERFORMANCE service package enables you to devise a fund product that corresponds to your needs under your own name and to position it in your domestic market or the international market. In line with your strategy we collaborate with you to define key data such as fund domicile, fund structure, distribution channels and other fund specifications. As the owner of the product, you retain control over it and determine which elements of the value chain you would like to delegate.

As a partner of Credit Suisse Investor Services you benefit from our long experience and sophisticated processes, without having to develop your own resources. Fund providers receive premium fund solutions, specifically geared to their distribution and marketing objectives.

We Jointly Create a Fund Solution That You Can Stand Behind and Put Your Name To

Additional levels of service are defined in close collaboration with you, which support you in your sales and marketing activities. We register your fund product abroad and take on the contractual tasks with other distributors. In addition, joint sales training courses can be conducted for your employees working in distribution.

Monthly performance fact sheets on your investment product give you the opportunity to inform your clients about its performance or use its track record to gain new clients. With your proprietary fund solution, you are in a position that will enable you to competently apply your investment expertise, extend your product range, and establish additional distribution channels in order to tap into new revenue opportunities.