Institutional Investors Credit Suisse Investment Foundation and
Credit Suisse Investment Foundation
2nd Pillar

Credit Suisse Investment Foundation and
Credit Suisse Investment Foundation
2nd Pillar

The Credit Suisse Investment Foundation (CSA) and the Credit Suisse Investment Foundation 2nd Pillar (CSA 2) are institutions that are used for employee benefits insurance and intended for the collective investment and management of pension capital. These investment foundations were established by founder Credit Suisse AG and are legally distinct from the company.

Credit Suisse Investment Foundation

The Credit Suisse Investment Foundation has effectively offered collective investment schemes specifically tailored to the needs of pension funds for over 40 years. This extensive offering is available to all zero-rated second-pillar institutions domiciled in Switzerland and Pillar 3a bank foundations.

Credit Suisse Investment Foundation 2nd Pillar

Credit Suisse Investment Foundation 2nd Pillar has existed for over ten years, and specializes in collective investments with a sizable US equity holding. It allows a limited group of pension funds to invest in US equities without tax at source.

Benefits of Investing in Credit Suisse Investment Foundations Products

  • Extensive range of products: money market, bonds, equities, real estate, alternative investments, and mixed assets with different characteristics and different investment styles
  • Professional, cost-effective asset management that is not volume-dependent through Credit Suisse Asset Management (Switzerland) Ltd.
  • No safekeeping fees are incurred if the units are kept with Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd.
  • Simplified securities accounting and rendering of accounts by investing in investment groups
  • No administrative expenses for reclaiming withholding tax in Switzerland and elsewhere
  • Freedom of action and flexibility since units in most investment groups are issued and redeemed daily at market values
  • Investment groups are exempt from Swiss tax on income and capital, and there is no stamp duty on the issuing and redemption of units
  • Regular and transparent reporting, highly transparent costs and investing, and daily publication of issue and redemption prices
  • Exercise of voting rights for Swiss companies and publication of the investment foundation's voting records
  • Security: The investment foundation is subject to the strict supervision of the Supervisory Commission for Employee Benefits Insurance and meets the strict regulatory requirements of the Ordinance on Occupational Retirement, Survivors' and Disability Pension Plans and the Ordinance on Investment Foundations. The investment foundation and the investment groups are reviewed annually by a well-known auditor