Implementing the Investment Strategy Credit Suisse Asset Management

Credit Suisse Asset Management

With Credit Suisse Asset Management, you'll benefit from the greatest possible freedom. 

A mandate is used to transfer the management of your assets to Credit Suisse. By doing so you delegate investment decisions to the bank while maintaining the security and transparency you want. Our scope of action is clearly defined at all times. All activities are based solely on your individual investment strategy and any associated restrictions. You can thus rest assured that any investment made is in your best interest. 

Your Benefits

  • Maximum freedom
  • A professional investment process ensures your performance
  • High quality standards and risk management
  • Transparent reporting

Your Options for Achieving Your Goals

You have a choice between mandates, collective investments, and mixed mandates, each of which can be implemented actively or passively.


Category mandates

Collective investments

Mixed mandates
(active or passive)

Active Passive Institutional
Credit Suisse
Public funds  
Money market x   x x x
Bonds x x x x x
Equities x x x x x
Real estate x x x x x  
Private equity x     x  
Commodities x x x   x  
Hedge funds x x x x x

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