Independent Management

You set the course with the implementation of your own investment strategy, benefitting from our expertise in the process. 

You want to make your own decisions with regard to implementing your investment strategy, but also want to benefit from our expertise. With independent management, our experts and tools are available to provide comprehensive investment consulting services, which you can use to increase the efficiency of your processes.

Your Benefits

  • Professional investment advice
  • Personal responsibility for investment strategy implementation
  • Direct access to Credit Suisse trading
  • Comprehensive CS research
  • Efficient order processing

Our Consulting Tools

Our advice is tailored to your needs. We provide you with investment proposals for all investment categories and tools, advise you with regard to tactics and timing, and discuss performance with you. Where required, we will also investigate the opportunities presented by your portfolio for optimization.

Direct Access to Trading

The direct access to our trading specialists offers you greater market proximity and thus a faster response to changing situations.

Access to Research Results

In order to make well-founded decisions, you have constant access to our research results and publications.

Our online tools are available for processing, useful for monitoring or triggering payments and orders, among other things.

Personalized Advice 

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We are your partner and would be happy to arrange a consultation with you.

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