Global Execution & Securities Services Domestic and Global Custody Services

Domestic and Global Custody Services

Credit Suisse has been a renowned custodian for many years and has an excellent track record in terms of ratings by clients and external observers.

Our Services

We offer single-market and multi-market access to over 70 markets and are a leading player in the development and provision of state of the art solutions in the following areas:

  • Safekeeping services
  • STP settlement services
  • Corporate actions services
  • Income collection and repayments
  • Tax reclaims
  • Comprehensive reporting - SWIFT and non- SWIFT
  • Various client service models, e.g. "Single-Point-of-Contact" vs. "Point-to-Point-Contact"
  • Multilingual client support
  • Market intelligence
  • Clearing and settlement services for remote members of SIX Swiss Exchange (X-Clear/SIS)
  • Full services for third-party warrants issued in Switzerland (issuing, paying agency, and custody)
  • Securities lending & borrowing
  • A broad range of state-of-the-art e-tools to support the above-mentioned services