Global Execution & Custody Services E2C – «Execution to Custody»

E2C – «Execution to Custody»

Increase your efficiency and reduce your costs and complexity by combining your execution order flow from securities trading with our integrated execution and custody in a E2C service model at Credit Suisse.

How E2C can support you to remain competitive

  • Eliminate your settlement costs - the securities executed in the market are immediately booked in your safekeeping account with Credit Suisse and no longer have to be delivered or received by you in the market.
  • Reduce your settlement risks – Credit Suisse will be responsible for the delivery of the securities in the market. This means the risks for potential buy-ins on the stock exchange or fines in the context of the CSDR settlement Discipline Program are avoided.
  • Reliable position check - irrespective of the input channel, for each transaction the available position is checked before being sent to the market for execution. This eliminates undesired short selling automatically.
  • Less complexity - leave the management of counterparties (brokers, exchanges, transfer agents, custodians) to Credit Suisse. We offer you access to more than 120 execution venues globally (stock exchanges and multilateral trading facilities, systematic internalizers, brokers and transfer agents) and more than 70+ custodians.

Our Core Business: E2C - Your core business: Your customers and their needs

By outsourcing E2C to Credit Suisse we will bear not only the operational responsibility for your securities business but we also strive to make the necessary investments to ensure innovation in accordance with your needs and the regulatory requirements of the markets.

Thanks to E2C, you can continue to remain competitive and can focus on your core business – your customers and their needs.