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Global Cash & Treasury Sales

Credit Suisse is a major player in the Swiss Franc Clearing and payments space and offers account services in 40+ currencies through its global network. Cash management, CLS®Services and electronic FX trading complete the range of products.

Our Offer 

Cash Clearing and Payments Services

Credit Suisse is a leading member of the Swiss real-time gross settlement system SIX Interbank Clearing ( SIC), with a significant market share.

In addition to traditional payment and account services in Swiss Francs, Credit Suisse has an established, global network of correspondent banks for more than 40 other currencies. Thanks to the high standardization of processes and modern infrastructure, transactions are largely processed “straight through”.

Enjoy the following benefits

  • A single point of contact to cover all accounts managed in our books
  • One process and one service level agreement 
  • Enhanced cash management through cash concentration
  • Online access to your accounts in real-time through our transaction portal
  • SEPA and PSD compliant (as of 1.11.2009)
  • Product bundling with other transaction services

Please find our Standard Settlement Instructions and cut-off times PDF (259 KB)

Cash Management

Credit Suisse offers Financial Institutions opportunities to leverage their liquidity by

  • Cash pooling
  • Sweeping
  • Interest optimization
  • Liquidity provision
  • Investments


Credit Suisse is one of the global key participants in the CLS"eco-system". We have been involved as pioneers since its inception.

As a settlement member and CHF liquidity provider, we provide nostro services for other settlement members and also offer our CLS services to third parties.

Direct Net

Direct Net, the online banking solution for our financial institutions at

You can access transparent information on accounts and safekeeping accounts with a comprehensive range of functions and information in Direct Net.


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