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Letters of Credit and Guarantees

International trade involves difficult challenges and we are glad to assist you in meeting them.

Switzerland suffers from a lack of natural resources and a relatively small domestic economy, however, it does benefit from a high degree of industrial specialisation and a well-developed services sector. Import and export activities have, therefore, traditionally played an important role to the Swiss economy and in this environment, Credit Suisse has continuously assumed its role as a provider of Trade Finance solutions for its customers.

Our long standing experience, our commitment and the high level of expertise in the Letter of Credit, Documentary Credit and Guarantee business ensure a professional processing of all your transactions.

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Export Finance

Switzerland as a small export oriented country has a long history of serving international trade.

Credit Suisse is playing an important role in the medium- and long- term financing of capital goods and services exports based on loans granted to the foreign buyer, the foreign buyer's bank, foreign governments or refinancing the supplier by purchasing his claim resulting from an export transaction.

Credit Suisse maintains in Zurich a center of competence for the financing of capital goods and services exports from OECD-countries ( incl. multi-source transactions) to emerging markets and newly industrialised countries with/without the cover of an Export Credit Agency ( ECA). These medium- and long-term financing instruments are used by an increasing number of exporting companies as ideal selling tools and by partner banks around the world to finance imports for their local clients.

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Gabriele Gorrera
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Trade Finance

Within the range of our Trade Finance products, we can offer you Trade Related Financing, customized to your needs:

  • Pre-export Financing
  • Post-export Financing
  • Import Financing
  • Refinancing of Letters of Credit

Your Relationship Manager is happy to advise you.

Risk Syndication

As part of the Credit Suisse Trade Finance operations, our specialized Syndication Desk will help you to diversify and leverage your portfolio.

Buying and selling trade finance risks on the secondary market allows you to:

  • offer your clients a better service and
  • to maximize revenues

For more information, please contact
Nelly Hunter, Trade Finance Syndications, Zurich
+41 (0) 44 333 44 76