Open Banking APIs Securities Settlement Transaction Status

Securities Settlement Transaction Status

What can I use this API for?

  • Get on demand, real-time settlement status information on all pending, failed and settled transactions.
  • Reduce time-consuming queries via phone and email.
  • Access on the spot information on your unmatched or failed trades, allowing you to take prompt mitigation measures and therefore reduce late matching or late settlement fees under the CSDR settlement discipline regime.

Further information

Our Settlement APIs enable our clients to increase their flexibility in the direct inquiry of real-time settlement status information for all markets supported or to interface their own back-office systems to Credit Suisse’ settlement system to achieve greater STP.
While standard SWIFT messages are provided whenever the status changed or as batch reports of all pending transactions at the End of Day, such information / reports can be provided through APIs real-time and whenever needed. Access to real-time settlement status information through APIs can increase self-service and will provide our clients with the option to filter what information is required.


Service is available.