Open Banking APIs Continuous Linked Settlement

Continuous Linked Settlement

What can I use this API for?

  • Update your Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS) trades automatically with the counterparty UTI information.
  • Automatize internal and external reporting duties by retrieving relevant UTI information on your CLS trades.
  • Reduce time-consuming queries via phone and email.

Further information

Our first API dedicated to the CLS Third Party Service provides our clients counterparty UTI information related to matched and settled CLS trades, along with all other relevant trade details for a specified date range. Currently, this has to be accessed manually. Through the API, we provide this information automatically to our CLS Third Party clients who require it for regulatory reasons.

For all trades that have been sent to CLS via Credit Suisse, information is available on each CLS-eligible business day at 7 am CET the next day. The data can be accessed through the API until 1 am CET the day afterwards.


Service is available.