Beyond Transaction Banking Regulatory Golden Source

Regulatory Golden Source

Credit Suisse offers a customizable and forward-looking tool to help clients master regulatory complexity. With exclusive coverage that currently includes over 120 Swiss national and international regulations, the Regulatory Golden Source (RGS) tool enables clients to stay up to date on regulations affecting their businesses.

Our offer 

RGS can help you to stay up to date on important regulatory topics and to learn more about the key trends that shape current and future regulations.

Enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get access to Credit Suisse’s extensive regulatory expertise.
  • Avoid getting lost in information by deciding which regulatory developments you want to follow.
  • Receive updates on the regulations affecting your bank.
  • Engage in Golden Source related Q&A with our regulatory impacts experts.

About Regulatory Golden Source

Our regulatory impact team constantly monitors the regulatory landscape and assesses the impact of new and ongoing regulations. This is the basis for Credit Suisse’s successful implementation of regulations worldwide. Additionally, the regulatory impact team constantly monitors regulations and updates the RGS permanently.