Beyond Transaction Banking Portfolio Advisory Service

Portfolio Advisory Service

The Portfolio Advisory Service (PAS) supports wealth managers in every step of the investment process. PAS strengthens and complements in-house resources with Credit Suisse’s world-class investment capabilities.

Our offer 

Complement your established investment expertise by tapping into the resources provided by a leading global wealth manager. Receive in-depth advice on all asset classes in a holistic framework. We can assist you in investment process related matters, from defining a strategic asset allocation to managing model portfolios and connecting you with asset class specialists for specific requests.

Enjoy the following benefits:

  • Scale up your wealth management business without the need to acquire the resources in-house.
  • Efficiently complement your resources and expertise with Credit Suisse’s investment capabilities while retaining full decision-making and independence of views.
  • Access Credit Suisse Private Banking research and product information through our digital platform fiXchange, including single security coverage, market views and thought leadership publications.
  • Modular offering according to your needs.

About the Portfolio Advisory Service

PAS is a modular service composed of the following elements: Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) & Investment Governance, Market Views & Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA), Best-in-Class Security Selection across all asset classes and Model Portfolios including Performance and Risk Analysis.

To cover more sophisticated needs, the service package can be further customized with our Specialty Service Offering. These additional elements provide greater access to industry-leading expertise in specific investment niches.