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  1. Instant Payments: Was bedeuten sie für Finanzinstitute?

    Instant payments will change the way we transact

    In 2024, the largest Swiss banks will be able to receive instant payments. This will open up new, exciting opportunities in payment transactions. What does this shift to real-time transfers mean for financial institutions?

  2. E2C: Mit Execution to Custody Kosten senken

    Cutting costs and boosting efficiency with E2C

    Banks are having a tough time due to operating costs, margin compression, and regulatory initiatives. By combining and outsourcing execution and custody – E2C – they can nevertheless counteract these trends.

  3. API: Making payment transactions more transparent

    How APIs increase transparency within payment transactions.

    Delays in payment transactions cost banks time and more importantly, money. Innovations based on APIs help address this global situation.

  4. Financial Institutions: Keeping an eye on regulations and laws

    Navigating the flood of regulations

    Smaller financial institutions in particular could struggle to stay in step with the latest regulations and laws. External partners are on hand to provide the necessary know-how.

  5. How financial institutions are dealing with cryptocurrencies.

    Digital money is the future. Opportunities and risks of crypto banking.

    Crypto currencies are enjoying huge popularity, but what does the growing trend towards digital money mean for financial institutions? On the 8th Credit Suisse Cash Day, experts discussed the challenges posed by crypto banking in Switzerland.