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Our Team

Board of Directors

Andreas Gerber


Elios Elsener

Vice Chairman

Dr. Beat Brechbühl


Ralph Bloch


Renato Costantini

Renato Costantini


Luca Tagliabue


Management Team

Jan Hüsler


Simon Stalder


Daniel Brülisauer

Business Manager

Investment Committee

Andreas Koopmann

CS CH AG Member of the BoD

Martin Frischknecht

CS CH AG Senior Coverage Officer Investment Banking CH

Thomas W. Jung

High-tech investor & former owner Acutronic Group

Carole Ackermann

Diamondscull AG Founder & CEO

Richard Fritschi

Various BoD mandates & former CEO Ypsomed

Ursula Österle

Vice President of Innovation at EPFL

Alethia de Leon Busch

Founder and CEO Senes Science GmbH

Heinz Herren

Former member of the Swisscom Group ExB

Michael Stemmle

additive AG Founder & CEO

Guillaume Dubray

Polytech Ventures Managing Partner

Claude Honegger

CSG AG Head of Innovation & Techn. Transfrm.