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Giving entrepreneurs a space to grow

Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. invests in SMEs with growth potential, helping to ensure Switzerland remains one of the world's leading hub for innovation.

As an integral part of Credit Suisse’s «Bank for Entrepreneurs» strategy, Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. actively contributes to strengthen Switzerland’s position as a center for innovation, economic growth and entrepreneurship. By providing small and medium-sized enterprises and young entrepreneurs with capital, know-how and network, we foster a favorable environment where innovative companies can incubate, develop and grow their businesses.

Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. invests in established companies requiring capital to grow as well as innovative start-ups whose business models have gained market acceptance.

The investment focus is on later stage opportunities across industries and early stage investments along the following verticals:

- Automation and Robotics
- Digitalization
- Life sciences and MedTech

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