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Credit Suisse Series on
Contemporary Computing

Discover the latest computing developments seen from different angles in the Credit Suisse Series on Contemporary Computing. Credit Suisse IT experts and specialists from the academic world shed light on relevant topics and discuss upcoming developments.


November 29, 2011


Credit Suisse IT Development Center Lausanne
EPFL - InnovationSquare - QIF


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Key Topic: Empowering the Knowledge Workers within the Organization

Creating knowledge from large amounts of data is key both in science and industry.  Those who analyze data faster will either make scientific breakthroughs before everybody else (consider the LHC experiments at CERN) or will have a competitive market advantage over others (consider high-frequency trading systems by global banks). The main challenges are two-fold, namely how to integrate data from different - often contradictory – sources, and how to enable end-users to analyze the ever-increasing amounts of data in an intuitive way.
Today’s conference series highlights two novel solutions to tackle both challenges on an enterprise scale. The first talk elaborates on NisB (the Network is the Business), a novel collaborative approach on data integration for large-scale distributed systems exploiting hidden knowledge in the network and supporting incremental pay-as-you-go integration. The second talk introduces SODA (Search over DAta Warehouse), a system that is based on semantic technology and enables a Google-like search experience over an enterprise data warehouse by automatically generating SQL.




Door opening


Welcome & Introduction


Prof. Dr. Karl Aberer, EPFL
"Harnessing the Wisdom of the Network for Enterprise Interoperability"


Dr. Kurt Stockinger, Credit Suisse
"Can SODA (Search over DAta Warehouse) Quench the Thirst of Business Analysts?"


Q&A / Wrap-up




Close of the Event

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