UHNWI and SFO Wealth consulting

Wealth consulting

Achieve a successful long-term financial planning by finding the ideal structure for your assets. Use our wealth of experience gathered from decades of advisory services to ultra-high net worth families and single family offices to your advantage. Our Premium Clients team understands the complex needs of globally active families and develops individual solutions for you, ranging from asset structuring to succession planning. 

Individual, comprehensive financial planning is key in each stage of your life. Your personal client advisor will be delighted to help you with a complete analysis of various life stages. For example, we can help you look at your long-term retirement planning or the financial impact of other key events in your personal life. Are you thinking about passing on your fortune to the next generation? Whether it comes to your private assets, your estate planning, or corporate succession, our experts will help you find the perfect solution and make sure that everything is handled according to your wishes.

We identify the optimal structure for your private wealth, which may be a foundation, a private label fund, a private investment company, a limited partnership, an insurance solution, a securitization instrument, or another solution that fits your needs. 

We provide full consultations on international relocations. Do you need help finding the canton in Switzerland which best fits your requirements? Need advice on the relocation of a business to Switzerland or elsewhere? We can help you by comparing various legal systems and tax domiciles, for instance.

We offer comprehensive advice for your national and international investments as well as your entrepreneurial activities. Our tax experts can assist you with tax and wealth planning in relation to liquidity events, work with you to find the best taxation solutions for employee profit sharing, advise you on financing structures that optimize your tax situation, or recommend the most tax-efficient model for philanthropic donations.

*Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and can vary accordingly.

We will help you find the ideal structure for your real estate investments and advise you for instance on the special legal requirements that foreign nationals must observe when purchasing real estate in Switzerland.

We provide you with professional support for managing the primary aspects of your family finances and in the event of key family-related challenges. Our experts provide advice and solutions for many aspects of family governance as well as the establishment and management of single family offices.

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