UHNWI and SFO Structured lending and real estate finance

Structured lending and real estate finance

Credit Suisse offers the full spectrum of individual credit solutions, including real estate financing, aircraft and ship financing, and structured loans. Learn more about our services.

Borrowing to purchase high-quality real estate is all about trust. At Credit Suisse we provide you with circumspect and professional advice. Our experts have a great deal of specialist knowledge and many years of experience.

Whether you wish to acquire or refinance business premises, commercial or residential real estate, our team of experts can help with all of your questions about financing investment properties. If you are looking for a particular solution for your real estate financing, we will find the perfect financing option for you that suits your real estate portfolio.

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From yachts to jets, from leasing to purchase: When you buy an aircraft or yacht, you want to adapt the new purchase to your needs as well. Your chosen financing solution will be equally bespoke. And that requires the right crew: With Credit Suisse, you are choosing a recognized specialist in the financing of high-end transportation. We are known for our high level of expertise in credit solutions. Why not take advantage of the sound knowledge of our global team of experts?

Want to use the assets in your portfolio for financing? Our experts for structured lending will be glad to assist. Credit Suisse offers you the full range of customized solutions with a wide variety of collateral classes. Structured loans can help you raise liquidity and finance new investments without selling existing assets. They will enable you to monetize strategic equity positions and can be used, for example, to finance the buyout of minority shareholders before the IPO or to protect your assets with the right hedging strategies. Our experts will be by your side and will align the structured loans perfectly to your needs and your risk profile.

Are you looking for maximum financial flexibility or additional capital for a certain period? A lombard loan is an attractive financing solution that allows you to obtain additional capital without having to sell your existing securities holdings, and you can continue to enjoy the capital appreciation and income potential of your securities. The type of lombard loan, the amount, time frame, and currency can all be tailored to your needs, and you are still free to alter the structure of your portfolio at any time. The credit limit assigned to you will be adjusted accordingly. Lombard loans also provide a flexible alternative to mortgage financing.

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