UHNWI and SFO International relocation

International relocation

If you are considering relocating to Switzerland or another country offering attractive tax policies and interesting opportunities, we are here to help.

Relocating to Switzerland

We are often the first point of contact for our clients when they consider relocating to Switzerland. Cantonal differences and the prevailing conditions must be taken into account when deciding where to relocate. In such situations we can help as an independent advisor and expert on the various Swiss cantons and regions. We advise and support clients – from their initial thoughts all the way to the successful relocation – by focusing on the overall context and consulting the relevant internal and external specialists.

Some of the common questions we advise our clients on include:

  • How do you acquire a residence permit and/or a work permit?
  • What must you take into account when acquiring property (for example, the restrictions in Switzerland based on the Lex Koller Law [federal law on the acquisition of real estate by persons abroad])?
  • What impact will the relocation have on your existing private investment structures (e.g. trusts, foundations, private label funds, participations in investment companies, insurance policies, etc.) and on your inheritance and marital property contracts?
  • What must you consider if you start business activities in the country to which you relocate (e.g. Switzerland)? What legal forms are available for this?
  • How is the Swiss insurance scheme set up (e.g. health insurance, compulsory contributions to social insurance, etc.)?

We provide holistic relocation services by combining internal and external resources, covering all banking and non-banking needs arising from a relocation, including but not limited to the following topics:

We compare different cantons in terms of taxation (including lump sum taxation), residence permits, and/or frameworks for business activities. We provide advice on further topics such as the legal process for acquiring real estate or setting up companies, the impact of the relocation on private wealth structures, and succession planning, to name but a few.

Finding the right place to live might be the most important aspect when relocating. Through our network of leading real estate agents, we can provide guidance and give you access to off-market properties or advance previews of upcoming offers.

We can provide you with an overview of some of Switzerland’s leading and globally renowned private institutions and will support you in finding the school that meets your family’s specific needs and expectations.

Once you have relocated, we will remain at your disposal and continue to offer additional advice, such as helping you to understand how the new fiscal environment could influence your investment strategy going forward.

Relocating to other countries

While we naturally have broader and more in-depth expertise on topics regarding relocating to Switzerland as opposed to relocating to other countries, we also help our clients to compare different countries when selecting a new place of residence with regard to tax and other considerations.

If you would like to learn more about our relocation services and how we can assist you in your individual situation, click below to schedule a personal consultation.