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Global services

Credit Suisse offers ultra-high net worth individuals and single family offices a wide range of global services, including global custody solutions, worldwide research, M&A advice, and escrow and pledgeholder services. Reap the benefits of our comprehensive expertise.

Have you or your family accumulated assets in numerous locations worldwide with multiple financial institutions? Are you looking for a comprehensive, transparent overview of your assets that you can access at any time? As a very practical solution, we provide you with all custody and management solutions from a single source. We cover all legal systems where your assets are located.

Since 1993, Credit Suisse has offered global securities and management solutions. Our global custody solutions offer you as an ultra-high net worth individual or single family office a comprehensive overview of your assets at all times. With us as your sole global custodian, you benefit from the consolidation of your assets and a custom reporting solution. This can include traded assets (such as cash and cash equivalents, securities, financial instruments) and non-traded assets (such as direct real estate investments, mortgages, foreign derivatives, private equity) and even physical objects such as art and yachts.

Our global custody experts can offer you a broad spectrum of flexible, individual options that are an ideal fit for your needs. 

Want to be among the first to learn about investment options and new opportunities that reflect your values as a way of protecting and enhancing your assets? Valuable knowledge from leading financial experts and reliable, early market information and forecasts by our top-notch global research team will help you make the right investment decisions.

Thanks to Credit Suisse, you'll benefit from one of the world's most extensive and experienced organizations in market research. Our experts in strategy, economics, and analysis provide you with highly informative, top-down macro-forecasts and analyses, while our product and sector teams prepare their own bottom-up insights into all asset classes. Thus, you can benefit from the combination of both a global view and unique, specific investment recommendations.

The Credit Suisse Research Institute prepares analyses on fundamental global economic trends with the aid of our in-house network of analysts along with some of the most experienced and renowned external experts. As a result, you benefit from our complete range of investment bank research and our private banking research.

We know that, as an entrepreneur, you are faced with regular decisions about reorganizing or restructuring your company or your single family office. Are you planning an acquisition to expand? Or are you thinking about selling the company? As one of the industry's leading investment banks, Credit Suisse will be your trusted partner for all these matters.

Benefit from access to our global Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) team. Alongside a dedicated, experienced team in the area of strategic advisory in Switzerland, our M&A teams are also represented throughout the rest of Europe and in the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions.

Our experts offer you innovative approaches, a vast network, many years of experience, and broad-based skills in all of the key sectors. We provide you with the best possible advice to ensure a smooth and successful outcome for your transaction. Our services include acquisitions, sales, successor solutions, carve-outs, joint ventures, leveraged buyouts, mergers, privatizations, recapitalizations, spin-offs/divestments, shareholder activism, and acquisition defense strategies.

Do you intend to buy or sell a company or real estate of significant value? Are you looking for an experienced partner to close a complex financial transaction?

Escrow arrangements ensure the proper settlement and exchange of the purchase price for equities, real estate, or other assets as well as the retention of a designated amount to cover warranty claims that the buyer may receive after the transaction closes. As your escrow agent, we perform end-to-end services on your behalf, including the structuring of escrow solutions, custody of assets, and the release of funds. We are by your side throughout the life cycle of the transaction, allowing you to benefit from our unique expertise and our leading infrastructure for the preservation, custody, and delivery of funds and securities.

Do you intend to obtain a loan from a lender outside of Credit Suisse who requires collateral from you?

A pledgeholder or control arrangement enables you to get access to third-party loans by giving the lender sufficient collateral comfort. They can also be used in M&A transactions. They give the buyer access to pledged equities of the seller, which provides the buyer with assurances and guarantees. Benefit from our comprehensive services, including advice, contract negotiation, documentation, administration, and monitoring of the arrangement – all backed by extensive experience and world-class infrastructure.

We advise on, structure, and draft tailor-made pledgeholder and control agreements. Our solutions are tailored precisely to each one of the underlying transactions. This allows us to develop innovative, client-focused solutions.

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