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Investment solutions

We offer an array of sophisticated investment solutions. From tailored discretionary mandates and exclusive investment opportunities to alternative investments and direct access to our trade experts. Find the perfect solution for your needs.

Are you an active investor or single family office with your own investment philosophy? Are you looking for professional, experienced support to help you make your investment decisions?

Our investment consulting service provides you with access to research, advisory, and specialist knowledge from our world-renowned investment research team. Alongside your client advisor, you will also work with a personal investment consultant to help you structure your investment process and to access the global Credit Suisse network. This will provide you with a unique and direct source to relevant information and potential solutions for all asset classes and access to the global markets.

Are you looking for innovative investment solutions that meet your requirements and go beyond the possibilities of the traditional advisory model? By access to exclusive investments, we help you to generate positive effects and greater added value with your assets.

The specialized teams at Credit Suisse provide investment options that are designed precisely for your personal needs. Our access to an extremely broad investment range and our close proximity to the market is what allow us to offer you proactive and ongoing dialogue. You also benefit from direct access to investment opportunities in all sectors, regions, and investment classes. Our approach includes not only these exclusive services but also an investment committee that evaluates and recommends investment opportunities. We also make sure that you have access to the most exclusive and attractive opportunities. 

Are you looking for a broad-based, diverse, and established range of alternative investments that are tailored to your exacting standards as an ultra-high net worth individual or single family office? Then our wide range of products that far exceeds the standard solutions will be of interest to you.

Credit Suisse is a leading provider of alternative investment solutions. We offer innovative products to ultra-high net worth families and individuals as well as single family offices that are managed by leading investment professionals for alternative investments. You will have access to the experience and knowledge of more than 900 experts in 12+ countries. This allows you to benefit from numerous solutions for private equity, real estate, hedge funds, as well as quantitative and index strategies. 

Environmental challenges are set to increase on a global scale, giving rise to new investment opportunities. Do you want to tackle global challenges with your investment strategy? Do you strive to bring about change while contributing to a better future while still achieving your financial goals?

Do you wish to generate attractive returns with your investments while supporting positive change at the same time? At Credit Suisse we have a wide variety of innovative sustainable products that span all asset classes including fixed income funds, our flagship offerings, sustainable real estate, and impact investments.

We know that, as an experienced investment professional, you truly appreciate advice from the right specialists. Are you looking for direct access to our experts on the trading floor? Could you benefit from innovative ideas and analyses regarding your trade strategies?

As a client with a trading focus, you will have direct access to our market experts on the trading floor who assist with a wide range of asset classes. This includes traditional investments, such as equities and bonds, but also listed and OTC derivatives, as well as structured products and commodities. Your Direct Access Client advisors are unique in terms of their long-standing track record and wealth of industry experience. They are your primary and independent trade partner. Furthermore, you can profit from our comprehensive service offers, including market insights and notifications about important events. We also present you with innovative trading ideas based on research and trading volume while also monitoring your investment exposure. We are also happy to advise you on trading strategies.

Managing your portfolio is very time consuming, and your personal calendar is often full. Do you want to be sure that your assets are being looked after professionally and on a daily basis, using your customized strategy no matter how much time you have to spare?

Thanks to your discretionary mandates, you can define your investment strategy. You will be assisted by a personal client advisor and a portfolio manager. We do the rest. While your client advisor implements your strategy in accordance with your instructions and provides you with regular reports, our dedicated specialists handle the active management of your assets. This gives you the advantages of a proven, structured investment process along with all the competencies of Credit Suisse. Our custom discretionary mandates are managed in accordance with the highest ethical standards and offer solid risk management. They are also very flexible. As markets and needs change, you can request changes and rest easy knowing that these will be implemented quickly and professionally. 

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