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Manage my payments

Here you will find answers, tips, and useful information about payment transactions.

  • How do I enter a new payment?

  • Entering a payment

  • How do I launch a payment investigation if my payment was not received?

  • How can I make a QR payment?

  • How can I create a QR-bill?

  • How do I enter an account transfer?

  • Where can I find a completed payment?

  • How do I register for eBill?

  • How can I view and approve my electronic bills (eBill)?

  • What are the exact costs of a payment as a corporate client?

  • What are the exact cost of a payment as a private client?

  • Someone wants to transfer money to me from a foreign country. Where can I find the SWIFT code for my account?

  • Where can I find my IBAN?

  • How much time do I have to dispute a notification or an incorrect charge?

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