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Security & Privacy

Here you will find answers to questions about security in online banking and logging in, as well as further assistance with online banking.

  • What is Voice ID?

  • What is the SecureSign login?

  • How do I set up SecureSign?

  • How do I use several devices to log in with my contract?

  • How do I set up SecureSign on two mobile devices (smartphone/tablet)?

  • How do I add another contract to my device?

  • The only device set up for SecureSign is no longer available. How do I set up another device now?

  • What is the registration process for SecureSign?

  • I have lost my letter containing the activation graphic. How do I order a new one?

  • What is the recovery phone number and how can I set it up?

  • How do I change my password?

  • How do I reset my password?

  • How do I register my new SecureSign device or set up another device?

  • How to behave online to stay safe?

  • How to protect your business from online threats?

  • How to minimize the threats on the internet?

  • How to protect yourself against money relates scams?

  • How to protect yourself against social engeneering?

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