Terms and conditions of participation and data protection conditions for the Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. Private Banking Client Circle

1. Requirements for participation in a Private Banking Client Circle event

Participants confirm that they are resident in Switzerland and are neither US citizens resident in the US nor holders of permanent US residency (e.g. US green card holders or other permanent residents of the US).

2. Costs

Participation in Private Banking Client Circle events is free of charge. Private Banking Client Circle participants are not entitled to any financial compensation in connection with their participation in an event. Participants who travel by public transport and would like Credit Suisse to cover their travel expenses must make this request known before the event. Credit Suisse will provide the participants in question with a ticket for public transport in advance. Costs for self-booked tickets will not be reimbursed retrospectively. Credit Suisse will not cover any other costs.

3. Data protection

The personal data of participants (including: name, telephone number, address and email address, registration information collected via the registration form, and logistical information required to conduct the event, etc.) and other information that is necessary in connection with participation in Private Banking Client Circle events are used to organize and conduct an event, to process registration and participation information, and for communication in connection with the event; the data is also used for efficiency, analysis, and reporting purposes, which in the context of this event may include the use of online reporting tools (e.g. Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Decibel). For further information about how Credit Suisse uses these online reporting tools and how to manage your consent for the use of these tools, please visit: Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. will only use the personal data of participants with their prior consent, which can be withdrawn at any time. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of personal data processed prior to withdrawal.

Data obtained from surveys will be processed in an aggregated and anonymized format for the purpose of optimizing and developing Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. services and products, and for statistical purposes.

The personal data of participants will be shared electronically and/or physically with authorized employees of Credit Suisse AG and Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. in Switzerland and with any third-party companies domiciled in Switzerland that have been commissioned by Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. to work on the project in Switzerland and elsewhere and that are involved in organizing and conducting the event. The personal data of participants may also be securely transferred to external service providers commissioned by Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. (e.g. travel agents, hotels) in the case that such transfer is relevant for the event. Occasionally, it may also be necessary to share the personal data of participants with statutory auditors and official bodies, for compliance and regulatory purposes. Participants in Private Banking Client Circle events should be aware that third parties could construe participation in such events as an indication of an existing or potential banking relationship with a Credit Suisse Group company.

Where applicable, the personal data of participants will be used to send participants direct marketing materials relating to the event. After the event, participants might be provided with additional information about the products/services presented at the event. Participants should be aware that they are entitled to lodge an objection to such contact; in the event of such an objection, we will not be able to provide you with any documentation relating to the event (including real-time event news) and/or any other additional information about the products/services presented at the event.

3.1. Virtual events on the Zoom platform

The event might take the form of a video conference using the Zoom platform; Zoom is an external cloud-based provider of video conferencing services that is not affiliated with Credit Suisse. Credit Suisse expressly excludes any warranty or representation of any kind, either express or implied, with respect to the Zoom platform, its use or any content or information contained therein. Without prejudice to the foregoing, Credit Suisse does not warrant that the operation of this video conference will be uninterrupted, secure or error free or that this video conference will be free from any viruses, worms, or any other anomalies. Credit Suisse makes no guarantee in respect of the security and protection applied to information provided by you or other participants during such a video conference. Further, Credit Suisse does not guarantee the truth, accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information presented or contained in this video conference. Neither Credit Suisse nor any of its directors, officers, employees, affiliates or agents accepts any liability (whether in tort, contract or otherwise) for any loss or damage arising out of the use of all or any part of this video conference or reliance upon any information presented or contained therein. Although this invitation may include a link or links to the Zoom platform, Credit Suisse has not participated in the development of the Zoom platform and does not monitor or exert any control over the Zoom platform. Links to and from the Zoom platform do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Credit Suisse of the Zoom platform or its products/services. Any download or other retrieval of materials via the Zoom platform is at the discretion and risk of participants; participants will bear sole responsibility for any damage to their computer system or other devices or for the loss of data as a result of such actions. Participants should be aware that they may be required to confirm and/or accept separate provisions and conditions required by the Zoom platform, including the Zoom privacy policy, if they participate in such meetings. Information such as the guest name you choose (when you join the meeting), the IP address, and the phone number (if you dial into the meeting by phone) ("your personal data") will be collected, processed, and saved on the servers of Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (registered address: 55 Almaden Boulevard, 6th Floor, San Jose, CA 95113, USA) in the USA for the purpose of hosting video conferences in accordance with the Zoom privacy policy ( Zoom will not record or store the video conference or the content of materials presented during the meeting. Participants acknowledge and agree that their personal information may be shared with Zoom in the United States if they participate in a Zoom call. In some instances, bank client confidentiality and data protection may not be guaranteed to the same extent in the US as they are in the country in which participants are located/have booked Credit Suisse services or in the country in which the Credit Suisse company with whom participants are affiliated is located. Zoom could construe participation in a Zoom call as an indication of an existing or potential banking relationship with a Credit Suisse company. Participants acknowledge that they are free to use the Zoom video conferencing service and that the provision of their personal data is voluntary, but that they cannot use the Zoom video conferencing service without providing such data. Participants also acknowledge that, in some instances, their personal data could make it possible to identify the company they represent.

4. Confidentiality

Participants undertake to treat confidentially and keep secret all data, documents, information, content, and materials (e.g. illustrations, text, audio material, and video material), in particular those of other participants, that they receive within the framework of and in connection with Private Banking Client Circle events; participants further undertake not to share the former with third parties and to protect the former from misuse by third parties. In particular, participants may not provide any information to third parties about the people participating in the event.

5. Cancellation of the event

Credit Suisse reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or change the event or the venue and the date and time of the event if unforeseen circumstances occur. If Credit Suisse cancels the event for any reason, Credit Suisse will not make reimbursements for any costs incurred in connection with the event, in particular those relating to travel arrangements. No compensation of any kind will be provided in such cases.

6. Anti-corruption statement

Credit Suisse Group is firmly committed to compliance with all regulations and laws to combat bribery that apply to holders of office, employees of government agencies/authorities, and employees of companies. The former can restrict the amount or type of expenses assumed by Credit Suisse Group on behalf of participants. By registering for this event, participants confirm that their acceptance of the invitation and the assumption of costs by Credit Suisse Group in connection with this event, such as those for food, beverages, receptions, overnight accommodation, and other expenses, do not infringe any laws or regulations applicable to them or the policies of their company. Participants also confirm that they have received any necessary approvals.

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