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Online Relationship Opening

Here you will find answers, tips, and useful information about how to open a corporate account online.


  • I would like to make an appointment at a branch to open an account at Credit Suisse or would like to get additional information about the products.

  • What must I do after my company has been established?

  • How long does it take to open an account?

  • What account solutions does Credit Suisse currently offer SME clients?

  • How can I open a relationship as a Swiss corporate client?

  • As a corporate client domiciled abroad, how can I open a relationship?


  • I did not receive an activation email for registration


  • I accidentally started the wrong process (joint-stock company instead of sole proprietorship or capital payment account or vice versa).

  • I receive an error message when I try to import the data from the Commercial Register.

  • I do not have a business plan / I cannot upload the business plan.

  • I cannot upload my ID/passport

  • I am getting the error message "Error 500"

  • What can I do if I am suddenly interrupted while entering my data (e.g. owing to technical problems)?

Video identification

  • How does the video identification work and what requirements must I meet?

  • The video call could not be connected / identification problems

  • The nationality is not recognized.

  • I receive an error message after entering the TAN that I received via text message. I did not receive an activation code by text message.

  • How can I sign the onboarding contracts online?


  • Has the process been completed and submitted?