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CSX. The digital banking offering

Be one of the first to try out our new CSX offering! Put the app and its functionalities through their paces and give us your feedback.

This is CSX: All your daily banking services
in one app

  • 1 private account in CHF
  • 1 Premium Black Debit Mastercard (CHF 3.95 per month, along with free withdrawals at Credit Suisse ATMs), optional Basic White Debit Mastercard (CHF 0 per month, ATM withdrawals not included)
  • Online and mobile banking
  • All payment transactions in the app
  • Digital account and debit card administration

Promotion for CSX pilot users: Black Debit Mastercard free of charge until the end of 2020!


For everyone from 12 to 25 years

CSX Young

  • You get all the benefits of CSX
  • Including a Premium Black Debit Mastercard with free withdrawals at all ATMs in Switzerland
  • Attractive non-​banking benefits for cinema

I would like to try out the new CSX offering. What are the preconditions?

Preconditions for pilot users:

  • iOS users with version 12 or higher.
  • Android users with version 6 or higher.
  • You acknowledge that this beta version may still contain limitations.
  • You agree to keep all information regarding the app and the new functionalities confidential.
  • You register via a web form to participate in this pilot phase.
  • You follow a dedicated app download process.
  • If you are already a client of Credit Suisse, you will need to delete the installed version of the Credit Suisse Direct app. This will not affect your existing account; it just changes the access to our online banking during the pilot phase.

How can I try out the new CSX offering? 

There are three steps:



Fill out the registration form in order to get access to the app. You will receive a confirmation email with further details.


Install and try the app

Follow the step-by-step guide to install the app and discover its functionalities.


Submit your feedback

We are very keen to hear about your experience with the new CSX offering. Fill out the feedback form and share it with us.