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We are pleased to provide you with free individual workstations and a group room for your next meeting, right next to Zurich main station. Make your reservation today, and have a seat with us soon at Europaallee.

Coworking: individual standing desk workstations

If you usually work mostly sitting down, you will particularly enjoy coworking at our standing desks. We have a total of seven workstations available, all equipped with power outlets as well as USB A and USB C connectors and induction charging stations.

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Coworking: individual workstation at a round table

Take a seat at one of the five round table workstations, where you can work comfortably and discreetly. You may also meet coworkers with similar interests and then continue your conversation in the lounge or at our digital bar – networking made easy.

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Multimedia group room

Discuss your projects in our group room. Thanks to state-of-the-art resources such as a 55" screen with a range of connectivity options and a digital tabletop, this is where you can discuss your presentation and outline your ideas.

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