Further Offers Mortgages


Conveniently Review and Extend Your Mortgages Online

Managing Mortgages Online

In your Online Banking pages, you will see a list of your mortgages and the contractual details such as the current interest rate, the term, and the current credit volumes. Online Banking also enables you to contact your client advisor directly with current matters regarding your mortgage.
You may also easily and quickly extend your mortgage yourself. With just a few clicks, you can extend your mortgage in terms of product, amount, and repayment. This applies to:

  • Fix mortgage (2–12 years)
  • Forward fix mortgage (2–12 years)
  • Flex rollover mortgage (1–3 years framework term)

Your Benefits

  • Convenient – can be extended online with just a few clicks
  • Personalized – interest rates that are tailored to your personal client profile

Your Access to Online Extension

To extend your mortgage, start from your mortgage overview under "Accounts & Assets." It will appear no earlier than 24 months prior to the end of your mortgage. The existing mortgage amount is automatically taken over into the extended mortgage and may not be adjusted. The same applies to the amortization. Here as well, all details are taken over from the existing mortgage. For more information, please refer to the FAQ.