Further Offers cardservice


In addition to Credit Suisse Online Banking, you also have access to cardservice – an online platform with all relevant information about your credit cards. 

If you have questions about your credit card, please contact the issuer
Swisscard AECS GmbH directly.

cardservice – Greater control over your credit card spending 


Credit card overview

  • Stay in control of all your credit card spending wherever and whenever
  • Easily check your available limit 

Bill filing

  • Monthly bill of credit card purchases with the click of a mouse
  • Bills for the past six months available at any time 

Round-the-clock client center

  • Convenient order placement
  • Additional services such as limit increases and PIN replacement online

App as an Extra Tool for on the go

  • See a list of all transactions in the last six months
  • View your current balance
  • Check your available limit

How to register for cardservice

1. Register 

  • Personal identification
  • Enter user name and password
  • You will receive the cardservice contract immediately by postal mail to the address specified 

Important: Remember the user name and password you entered

2. Return the contract 

  • Complete, sign, and return the contract
  • Within a few days, you will receive an email indicating that cardservice is ready for use 

3. Log in 

  • Log in with your user name and password