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Further Offers

Cardless Cash

Cardless Cash is a new function in the Credit Suisse Private Banking Switzerland app that allows you to make free cash withdrawals and deposits at most Credit Suisse and Neue Aargauer Bank ATMs.

The "Cash transactions" function can be called up through the Credit Suisse Private Banking Switzerland app and a QR code produced. This can be stored on a smartphone, printed or sent electronically, for example via email or MMS to another recipient.

Withdrawals/deposits can be made at an ATM with a QR code reader – simply hold the QR code below the reader and make your withdrawal or deposit. The ATMs can be identified with the following sign:


  • Make free cardless cash withdrawals from a private or savings account in CHF quickly and easily
  • Pay into a private or savings account in CHF flexibly and at any time
  • Send money to family or friends using your smartphone quickly and easily

Electronic Billing (E-Bills)

Electronic bills replace conventional paper-based invoicing. With e-bills, you can receive, check, and pay your bills in Swiss francs and euros directly using Online or Mobile Banking anywhere in Switzerland. Billers send invoices in electronic form to SIX Paynet AG, which forwards the e-bills to the Online and Mobile Banking system. You then receive your e-bill in the secure Online and Mobile Banking environment.

Your Benefits

  • Simple – with e-bills, you no longer need to type in reference numbers, invoice amounts, or accounts to be credited.
  • Fast – check your e-bill, and pay with just a few clicks of the mouse or on the go using your smartphone.
  • Paperless – electronic bills are paperless, making them environmentally friendly.
  • Flexible – you can save your e-bills as PDF files and manage them on your computer.
  • Easy to monitor – you can verify every e-bill and either approve it or – in the event of discrepancies – reject it.
  • Secure – your e-bills are transmitted in a secure form.

How to Order This Free Service

  1. Register for this service in Online Banking under "Payments – E-bills."
  2. Accept the terms of use in Online Banking.
  3. Select your biller from the list provided, and register there.