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Do Your Banking Anytime with Credit Suisse Direct – Quickly, Easily, and Securely

Simple and User-Friendly


The platform’s new design has been created in close collaboration with clients, and offers a fresh and user-friendly online banking experience. You can set up your welcome page according to your personal needs in order to focus on what is most important for you. New administration features, tasks, notifications, and self-service possibilities further enhance your user experience.

How You Benefit

  • Simplified user guidance
  • Layout adapts to the device used
  • Welcome page can be configured to individual user needs
Clear and Structured


The account overview provides a clear picture of your accounts, assets, and posted transactions. Additionally, the optimized portfolio overview gives you a structured and holistic view of all your investments.

How You Benefit

  • Clear overview of accounts and assets
  • Easy access to account details
  • Informative view of all account transactions  
Fast and Efficient


Using the payment assistant in Credit Suisse Direct, making payments is very easy and fast. This intelligent feature archives transactions automatically and retrieves payment templates by means of a sophisticated search function. Additionally, account transfers can be carried out within a few seconds.

How You Benefit

  • Easy and time-saving payment processing 
  • Template suggestions for single payments
  • E-bills paid quickly and easily
Independent, but Networked

Securities and FX Trading*

Credit Suisse Direct allows you to trade securities and currencies on over 70 stock exchanges around the world. Simple and fast order processing makes it easier for you to react to current market situations.

How You Benefit

  • New FX spot and FX forward trading capability
  • Concise and intuitive order entry screens
  • Clear and simple position overview

* The collaboration feature will be released in the near future, subject to legal agreements.

Securities and FX Trading*
Simple and to the Point


The collaboration feature enables you to share your screen with Credit Suisse and vice-versa, comfortably and securely from your computer. On the one hand, your client advisor can share and annotate applications and documents with you. On the other, our Online Banking Support team can provide you with assistance directly. 

How You Benefit

  • Comprehensive online advice where you need it
  • Fast and efficient support
  • Less paper mail

* The collaboration feature will be released in the near future, subject to legal agreements.

Do you need the payment function using DTA or the direct link to “Credit Suisse Research and Market Data”? In this case, please log into the familiar Online Banking platform of Credit Suisse.