Online & Mobile Banking Credit Suisse Mobile Finance Terms of Use

Credit Suisse Mobile Finance Terms of Use

1. Rights to Information and Data

The information and data displayed on Credit Suisse Mobile Finance are prepared by Credit Suisse AG (hereinafter the "Bank") or its news or data suppliers (hereinafter the "Suppliers"). The Bank or its Suppliers retain copyright. The information and data may be used only for non-commercial purposes. In particular, the information and data or excerpts thereof may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, made available to third parties, or stored in any form for commercial purposes.

2. User's Obligation to Exercise Due Care

The link and personal URL necessary to gain access to Credit Suisse Mobile Finance will be sent via SMS to the user's mobile telephone. This personal URL should never be disclosed to third parties. The Bank accepts no responsibility for abuse of the personal URL by third parties.

3. Exclusion of Bank Liability

3.1 The Bank assumes no guarantee for the information and data displayed. The information and data are indicative and provided for information purposes only. Substantial delays in the provision of current data may occur.

3.2 The information and data shown on the portal are taken from sources regarded as reliable by the Bank. Nevertheless, neither the Bank nor its Suppliers can guarantee that the information and data are accurate, complete, or up to date. In particular, neither the Bank nor its Suppliers are liable for losses resulting directly or indirectly from any errors, omissions, falsifications, or delays, or in any other manner owing to incorrect or inapplicable information and/or data.

3.3 The transmission of information and data (in particular via SMS) does not constitute investment counseling, investment brokering, or any other financial service. Nothing shown on Credit Suisse Mobile Finance Finance and in particular no information transmitted via SMS represents an offer or solicitation to purchase or sell products or services, including in particular securities, financial instruments or other investment products, or investment advisory services. Users of the portal should consult their own independent financial advisors prior to making any investment decision based on the information and/or data published on Credit Suisse Mobile Finance. None of this information or data represents a general or specific advice with respect to investment decisions or matters of business, law, or taxation.

3.4 There is also a risk that viruses and the like may spread to an end device when it connects to a network (e.g. the internet, SMS).

3.5 The Bank does not provide technical access to the services of Credit Suisse Mobile Finance. This is solely the responsibility of the user. Therefore, the Bank assumes no responsibility for network providers (e.g. SMS providers).

3.6 The exchange of information can be delayed or disrupted due to transmission errors, technical faults, disruptions, malfunctions, illegal interventions, network overload, the malicious blocking of electronic access by third parties, or other shortcomings on the part of the network provider. Following such a delay or interruption of transmission, users may receive several SMS messages in quick succession as a result of the subsequent processing of accumulated SMS alerts (at the same time under certain circumstances).

4. Blocking/Interruption

The Bank is authorized to block access by one or all users to specific, or all, services at any time, without stating reasons and without prior notification, if it deems that it has sufficient grounds to do so. The Bank accepts no liability for any losses incurred as a result of such blocking/interruptions.

5. Changes to the Terms of Use and Services

The Bank reserves the right to alter these terms of use and/or the Credit Suisse Mobile Finance service at any time. The user shall be informed of any amendments in an appropriate manner (e.g. via SMS). The amendments shall be considered to have been approved unless a written objection is received within a month of notification, and shall in any case be valid from the next time the portal is used.

6. Reservation for Legal Provisions

Any legal provisions governing the operation and use of telecommunication infrastructure and networks remain reserved and apply to these Credit Suisse Mobile Finance services from the time they enter into force.

7. Charges

The Bank reserves the right to introduce charges for its services or to adjust existing charges at any time.

8. Notice of Termination/Cancellation of the User Account

Either party may give notice of termination of the Credit Suisse Finance Mobile contract at any time.
Users may cancel their user accounts at any time by clicking on the "Settings" menu item.

Place of Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

These terms of use are subject to Swiss law, to the exclusion of (i) international treaties and (ii) the conflict-of-laws provisions of Swiss private international law. The place of jurisdiction is Zurich. The Bank also reserves the right to take legal action against the user before any other competent court.