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Standard orders

With standard payment orders / standing orders, you send us the instructions once and can count on us to handle the rest. Standing orders are designed for regular transfers to the same recipients with fixed amounts and dates.


Electronic billing is replacing conventional paper-based invoicing. With e-bills, you can receive, check, and pay your bills in Swiss francs and euros directly using our Online Banking tool anywhere in Switzerland.

Direct debit (LSV+/BDD)

With direct debit, you can automatically pay your regular invoices in Swiss francs or euros in different or identical amounts, without having to take action each time. Ask your biller if it offers LSV+/BDD. Payments are made reliably and on time. LSV+ gives you 30 days after payment advice to dispute a charge if you disagree with it. Business Direct Debit (BDD) is a direct debit procedure for Business-to-Business (B2B) and does not offer a dispute option.

Payment slips

Use red or orange payment slips for individual payments within Switzerland. The multi-payment order allows you to submit all types of Swiss payment slips in Swiss francs and euros.

SEPA transfer

As a Credit Suisse client, you can use SEPA Credit Transfer to quickly and economically pay your bills in euros in the EU/EEA.

SEPA direct debit

Since November 2, 2009, Credit Suisse has offered the basic SEPA direct debit procedure. This procedure enables you to make cross-border payments for goods and services in euros in EU/EEA countries, as well as in Switzerland and Monaco. You can conveniently make either single or regular direct debit payments via your Credit Suisse account.

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