Payment Transactions Outgoing Payments

Outgoing Payments

Select for yourself whether you want to process your outgoing payments as payment orders, multi-payment orders, standing orders, direct debits (DD), or e-bills.

Payment Order

With our standardized payment order form, you can submit all payments in Switzerland or abroad. For faster and more cost-effective payment processing, use Online & Mobile Banking.

Multi-Payment Order

With the multi-payment order, you can simultaneously submit several red and orange payment slips in CHF and EUR for individual payments within Switzerland.

Standing Order

With a standing order, you give instructions once and can count on us to handle the rest. Standing orders are designed for regular transfers to the same recipients with fixed amounts and dates. You can set up a standing order in Online Banking or via our standing order form.

Direct Debit Procedure (LSV+)

With a direct debit (DD), you can automatically pay your regular invoices in CHF or EUR with different amounts – or identical ones – without having to take action each time. Ask your biller if it offers LSV+. Payments are made reliably and on time. LSV+ gives you 30 days after payment notification to dispute a charge if you disagree with it.


Electronic bills replace conventional paper-based invoicing. With e-bills, you can receive, check, and pay your bills in CHF and EUR directly using Online Banking anywhere in Switzerland.

Cross-Border Payment Transactions

With Credit Suisse, our worldwide network of correspondent banks, and our technical infrastructure, you can make payments to beneficiaries all over the world in the currency of your choice.

For EUR payments within the EU/EEA region, we recommend the use of the SEPA standard (Single Euro Payments Area), which means that you benefit from secure, low-cost, rapid processing. Furthermore, you can conveniently make either single or regular SEPA direct debit payments via your Credit Suisse account.