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Would you like to benefit from the higher interest rate of a savings account, but not forego the advantages of having a private account?

Cash Manager is the ideal instrument

Cash Manager is the perfect instrument for combining both advantages in the most convenient way. Excess liquidity is simply transferred to the savings account, where the assets earn a higher rate of interest.

Cash Manager looks after your liquidity

Cash Manager has the task of checking the individual basic amount that you have specified, and of transferring the corresponding amount from your private or current account into your savings account. If the balance in your private or current account should fall below the target balance, Cash Manager will automatically make a transfer from your savings account, and you will continue to have the liquidity you desire. You specify your individual basic amount (at least CHF 200) and the frequency of execution that you would like be it weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and Cash Manager will look after the rest, helping you to accrue interest-based savings. What's more, there's no charge.

Benefits at a glance

  • Convenient and free modern cash management
  • Maximization of interest on savings
  • Liquidity ensured at all times
  • Select the frequency that suits your needs

Would you like the free Cash Manager to be set up for you? You can contact our advisors at tel. 0848 880 844.

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