Safe Deposit Box

A safe place for your valuables: The safe deposit box – also known as a bank safe – reliably protects objects or documents against unauthorized access.

Safe Deposit Box

Whether jewelry, data carriers or confidential documents – your valuables will enjoy the first-class protection of our vaults in a Credit Suisse safe deposit box. Safe deposit boxes are available for rent at our branches and can be accessed during regular bank opening hours. The availability of safe deposit boxes depends on the branch. You will receive two keys that you can store at the branch for a fee.

Your Benefits

  • Secure storage of your valuables
  • Access only for authorized persons
  • Discretion assured thanks to separate booths
  • Safe deposit box size varies to meet your needs

Rent a Safe Deposit Box


The rental fee depends on the size of the safe deposit box. You can find the exact overview in the Fact Sheet for Safe Deposit Boxes (PDF).