Additional Offers and Information Credit Suisse Micro-Donations

Credit Suisse Micro-Donations

Support charities and non-profit institutions in Switzerland with small, regular donations.

Doing Good with Small Amounts

With Credit Suisse Micro-Donations, you can easily do good – by making purchases with your credit and Maestro cards or donating the interest income from your savings account.

With Credit Suisse Micro-Donations, you regularly support selected partner organizations with a small amount. Once activated, Credit Suisse Micro-Donations runs automatically. That way, you always have an overview of – and control of – your donations.

For each purchase with your credit or Maestro cards, you donate a rounded-up amount that you have selected to a charitable organization of your choice. Amounts can be rounded up to the next whole, five, or ten Swiss francs. By setting an individual monthly maximum amount, you always have the amount of your donation under control.

Simply Save and Help

Furthermore, you can support our partner organizations by donating the interest income earned on your Credit Suisse savings account. To do this, simply decide what percentage of the annual net interest income you wish to donate to the charitable organization. Here, you also have the option of selecting an individual maximum amount per year.

Your Benefits

  • Use of an innovative donation method that can be adjusted to suit individual needs
  • Quick and easy donation of small amounts
  • Individual determination of rounded-up amounts
  • Independent selection of the charitable organization / aid organization possible
  • Setting of maximum donation amount possible (monthly for credit and Maestro cards; annually for savings account)
  • Individual adjustment of Micro-Donations settings and independent deactivation possible
  • Automatic transfer to the charitable organization
  • Transparent overview through monthly and annual statements for Credit Suisse Micro-Donations in Online Banking
  • Free use of the service

How to Activate Credit Suisse Micro-Donations

You can activate, individually adjust, and, if necessary, deactivate Credit Suisse Micro-Donations in your Online Banking under Payments. Simply log into your Online Banking and help out with small donations.

Credit Suisse Online Banking 

Partner Organizations

Aid organizations and charitable institutions do a lot – in Switzerland and also beyond our national borders. We are specifically supporting various social areas such as education and research, culture, and environmental and social issues through the selection of our partner organizations.

Find out here which projects and organizations participate in our Micro-Donations program:

  • Aladdin Foundation
  • B360 education partnerships
  • Check your Chance
  • kanthari Foundation Switzerland
  • Kinderspital Zürich – Eleonorenstiftung
  • myblueplanet
  • Pro Juventute
  • Childhood Cancer Research Foundation Switzerland
  • Swiss Youth Music Competition (SJMW) Foundation
  • Swiss Red Cross