With the automated account transfer, you ensure the defined minimum amount (basic amount) on your private account while saving at the same time.

Cashmanager – Privatkonto und Sparkonto

Between the private account and the savings account, the Cashmanager ensures that the private account balance does not go above or below the defined basic amount. If the credit on your private account is more than the defined basic amount (e.g. CHF 4,000), the Cashmanager will automatically transfer the surplus to your savings account.

The Cashmanager can also be used to ensure liquidity. If the credit on your private account is less than the defined basic amount, the Cashmanager will automatically make a transfer from the savings account to the private account. You once again have access to the desired liquidity on the private account.

The Cashmanager lets you define your individual basic amount (at least CHF 200) and the execution frequency – weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Your Benefits

  • Automatic and free cash management
  • Easy and convenient achievement of savings targets
  • Secured liquidity on the private account at all times
  • Individual basic amount and selectable frequency – weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly