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Micro-Donations – Small Donation,
Big Effect

Support charities and non-profit organizations in Switzerland with small donations. With Credit Suisse Micro-Donations, you can do good on a regular basis with your credit or Maestro card purchases or with the interest on your savings account – without lifting a finger.

A Safe Deposit Box

Doing Good with Small Amounts

With Credit Suisse Micro-Donations, you regularly support selected partner organizations with a small amount – and it's very easy to do. Once activated, Micro-Donations runs automatically. You always have an overview and control of your donations.

Easily Help Out with Every Purchase

With every purchase on your credit and Maestro cards, you donate your selected rounding-up amount to a charitable organization. In so doing, you choose whether to round up to the next whole franc, the next 5, or the next 10. For a purchase of CHF 52.45, for instance, you automatically donate CHF 0.55, 2.55, or 7.55. By determining a monthly maximum amount, you always have your donation spending under control.

Simply Save and Help

You can also support our partner organizations with the interest income from your Credit Suisse savings account. In order to do so, simply determine what percentage of the yearly net interest income1 you wish to donate to the charitable organization. Here too, you obviously have the option of determining an individual maximum amount per year. 

How to Activate Credit Suisse Micro-Donations

You can activate, individually adjust and, if needed, deactivate Micro-Donations in your Online Banking under Payments. Simply log into your Online Banking and help out with small donations. 

Your Micro-Donations Benefits

Credit Suisse Micro-Donations offers you many advantages. Donating has rarely been this easy:

  • You use an innovative donation method that adjusts to your needs
  • You donate small amounts quickly and easily
  • You support charities and other non-profit organizations doing important work in Switzerland and abroad
  • You choose the charitable organizations that you want to support and determine the individual rounding-up amount.
  • For your credit and Maestro cards, you can set a maximum donation amount per calendar month – or per calendar year for your savings account.
  • You can adjust the settings of Micro-Donations2 or, if necessary, deactivate it3
  • The transfer to the charitable organization is done automatically
  • Monthly and yearly statements for Micro-Donations available in Online Banking offer you a transparent overview4
  • The use of this service is free of charge for you


1 Interest income after deduction of withholding tax, if applicable (interest on client balances held at domestic banks is subject to withholding tax. However, interest on client balances is exempt from withholding tax, provided that the interest amount for a calendar year does not exceed CHF 200.)

2 If changes are made during a calendar month, the settings (rounding-up amount, maximum amount, charitable organization) valid on the last business day (execution day of the transfer) will apply for the entire month.

3 The deactivation of Micro-Donations is possible up to the date of the actual payment. For the transfer of Micro-Donations from a savings account, the donation payment is normally on the last business day of February of the year following the credit of the interest.

4 Please note that responsibility for the tax assessment procedure for donations lies with the client. Donation certificates are issued upon request by the charitable organizations.

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