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Interest Growth Savings Account

The Interest growth savings account offers the perfect complement to long-term securities saving.

Achieve your savings goals with attractive interest rates

Would you like to invest your assets in something other than just securities? The Interest growth savings account offers the perfect complement to long-term securities-based saving. It allows you to benefit from an attractive interest rate that increases gradually each year provided you have not made any withdrawals in the preceding year, whilst enjoying the proven security of a savings account.

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You've Made It to the Top!

You benefit from the highest preferential rate of interest when you reach level four. You can make one withdrawal a year without dropping back down an interest level. If you make two withdrawals in one year, you move down one interest level.

Winning Combination

If you already have a Viva or Bonviva Banking Package and a private account at the same Credit Suisse branch, why don't you step up to the next interest-rate level by opening a graduated interest growth savings account?

Achieve your goals even faster with Bonviva 

With a Bonviva Banking Package, you'll start earning a Tier 2 interest rate right away when you open an Interest growth savings account. You'll also benefit from a preferential interest rate on your Salary account. Your advantages at a glance:

  • Salary and Savings account, Maestro card, two credit cards
  • Free cash withdrawals at all ATMs in Switzerland with the Maestro card
  • Payment transaction fees included (except third-party fees)
  • Online & Mobile Banking
  • Exclusive offers from the Bonviva Rewards Shop

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