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For daily payment transactions in Swiss francs or other currencies, Credit Suisse has the accounts that meet your needs. Money that you do not currently need can be deposited at an attractive interest rate in a savings account.

Private Accounts

Private Account

The private account forms the basis for managing your personal finances. You can have regular income of any kind transferred to this account. A private account is suitable as a transaction account for all private individuals. 

Current Account

This account allows you to carry out your personal payment transactions in Swiss francs and foreign currencies quickly and easily. 

Savings Accounts 

Savings Account

The savings account offers attractive interest rates for your savings. As an addition to a private account, it has many advantages; higher interest rates and account management free of charge are just two of them. 

Interest Growth Savings Account

For continuous, long-term saving with interest bonus, the interest growth savings account offers the perfect complement to long-term securities-based saving.

Rental Deposit Savings Account

If your landlord requires a rental deposit as collateral, the rental deposit savings account with an attractive interest rate is the right solution.

Savings Account for Young People

Give your child a good start in life. The savings account for young people enables you to manage your child's savings at preferential terms and conditions.

Gift Savings Account

Set money aside for your grandchild or godchild and help secure their future. The gift savings account is the perfect present that increases in value. 

Attractive Banking Packages with Additional Services 

If you require even more convenience in addition to individual accounts and cards, Bonviva and Viva Banking Packages are the right solution for you. Let us help you find the perfect package at an attractive fixed price. 

Bonviva Banking Packages

Make the most out of the benefits of Bonviva Banking Packages. These include attractive interest rates for your salary and savings accounts, free cash withdrawal with the Maestro card at all ATMs in Switzerland, an exciting Rewards Shop, and much more. 

Viva Banking Packages

For young people and students who wish to experience more and be independent. With Viva Banking Packages, you benefit from comprehensive banking services: Private account and savings account at a preferential interest rate, Maestro card, free cash withdrawals at all ATMs in Switzerland, and much more.
Viva Banking Packages provide access to the attractive Viva World of Experiences.

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Bonviva Banking Packages

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