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The benefits of Maestro card from Credit Suisse at a glance.

If You Dont't Have One, You Need One

The Maestro card from Credit Suisse offers you lots of worthwhile benefits. See for yourself.

Impressive Benefits

  • Cash withdrawal worldwide in the local currency
  • Cashless payment in more than 112 countries
  • Use CASH to make small payments, so there's no need for small change
  • Control over your spending via direct debiting of your account and a personal spending limit
  • Partner or additional cards available
  • 24-hour helpline with a toll free number for calls within Switzerland
  • Additional Cash Service banking services

Cash Service banking services

Get a Cash Service PIN (personal identification number) for your private account from any Credit Suisse branch. Used together with your Maestro card at a Credit Suisse Cash Service ATM, the Cash Service PIN gives you access to banking services and other cash withdrawal options.

Cash Service Benefits

  • Maximum cash withdrawal CHF 5,000 per day (provided there are sufficient funds in your account)
  • Query and printout of current account balance
  • Query and printout of the last five transactions

A Maestro Card for Your Private Account

The Maestro card is the ideal complement to your private account. Find out more about the different private accounts available with Credit Suisse.

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Supplement your private account now with the Maestro card, recognized worldwide.